Do you have a strong support system of career influencers?

If you want bigger promotions, better clients, and a richer, more meaningful career, you must work with people who value you and your professional strengths, talents and accomplishments. Otherwise, you will be living in a frustrating world, spending time and energy to accomplish things, yet receiving very little in return.

So what you need to do is put together a strong support system of career influencers. A key step in building a powerful personal brand is to identify those in your professional network who value you. People with an appreciation for your professional strengths and talents can pave the way for you to achieve the career of your dreams. They can help expand and accelerate your career. They can hire you, help you get promoted and recommend you to potential clients or employers.

Identify those managers, clients, peers, colleagues, and potential employers who you feel value your talents and strengths, as well as those you want to value you. These are successful professionals who can give you the strategies, insight, and inspiration to advance your career. They are people who can support you, teach you, inspire you, and influence others.